Monday, 9 August 2010

Werewolf in a Women's Prison

This film delivers exactly what the title suggests. A werewolf in a womens prison. Lots of soft-core T&A cheesiness. Customary lesbian scenes and who can forget the sadistic warden. However, this movie doesn't rely on sexploitation alone to provide its entertainment. Its so refreshing in this day and age of CGI FX that this film has a classic guy in a suit werewolf. Complete with red laser eyes. Though ridiculous, is in fact pretty damn cool and I'm pleased they weren't shy about showing it. The acting is up to the normal dire standard for this type of film. The one exception being Eva Derrick who plays a supporting role as Rachel. Who out shines everybody else in this film, by being able to act and being way hotter than any over girl in it. The gore is well over the top and very tacky but great fun and very amusing to watch. A very notable scene has a poor girl getting Bisection by prison bar. This is a great modern exploitation flick. Hilarious, sadistic, sexy and offensive what more could you ask for a WIP movie.


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