Monday, 2 August 2010

Hard To Die

So my love for cheesy and preposterously bad movies continues. Five store employees arrive at work in a high rise tower to take the yearly inventory at Acme Lingerie. But during the moving of files, the sprinkler system is accidentally activated. Leaving the group of girls wet. So they each in turn have to take showers and god forbid they put dirty clothes back on. So what is there to wear? Luckily there is plenty of skimpy Lingerie. So the rest of the film they are running around in Lingerie and heels. In between taking showers the girls find and open a puzzle box that contains the spirit of a killer who killed members of a Sorority House. Someone in the building becomes possessed by him and starts killing off the girls one by one. Although at its core it's a slasher film. (Alternative title Sorority House Massacre 3) Director Jim Wynorski in a touch of genius tries to add a bit of action by giving the girls machine guns. What follows is some extreme over the top gun play. (It would put John Woo to shame) all of course while still wearing lingerie. Gail Harris, Karen Mayo-Chandler, Deborah Dutch, Melissa Moore and Bridget Carney are all enjoyable to watch. Orville Ketchum takes allot of punishment thought-out and is humorous in the way he takes it. Babes, Blood and automatic weapons. A must see for any cult film fan or if any fan of soft-core T&A.


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