Tuesday, 3 August 2010


How can a film with such a strong cast of renowned actors. Graham McTavish, Michael Rooker and Tony Todd. Be one of the most mind-numbingly lacklustre films I've ever watched. The basic plot is religious psychos are kidnapping strippers and torturing them to cleanse their souls. The whole film is shot in the annoying hand held camera documentary style. Even during scenes when it's completely improbable that someone would keep the camera rolling. If this is supposed to be a torture gorno and shocking? it fails. Most of the action is left to the imagination. The only kudos I can give this travesty of a film is that one scene will make the male viewers watching sit uncomfortably. But sadly most the running time is taken up with long winded dialogue that at times makes no logic what so ever. The best thing about this film is when it was finished. What a disappointment. Please don't waste your time.


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