Monday, 2 August 2010


This is Eva Angelina’s science fiction epic. And I really do mean epic, it cost over $350,000 to make, boasts a cast of 40 and the running time clocks in at an astounding 4 hours and 44 minutes. I believe the best way to describe this film is a mix of “Strange Days" and “The Matrix” but with added intense sex. Eva Angelina plays Cassandra Cray, a strong-minded Federal Law Enforcement Agent for the Digital Security Agency (DSA), which is part of Homeland Security. Angelina is on the trail of Tesla (Hillary Scott), a girl who records her sexual escapades onto a chip, which allows others to experience what she does. (Ala Strange Days) And who is believed to be in possession of a new chip, which acts like a super virus that affects the GRID. The movie is told in flashbacks. Angelina is brought before an Internal Affairs psychiatrist and she recounts the sordid tale of how she tracked down Tesla. Although this is porn with a plot and is aimed at couples. The sex scenes are quite hard and not for the timid. Fisting, pissing, anal, lots of choking and an orgy scene set in hell which is so of the most graphic scenes I’ve ever seen in a “mainstream porn” film. Upload is also noteworthy for Angelina doing her first on-camera anal and double-penetration. And Hillary Scott not to be outshined has a very heated 5-on-1 gangbang scene. I was impressed with how good the acting was and very dazzled by the good use of special FX. The complexity of the plot does get a little lost because some of the sex scenes seem to go on too long. But Sex Z Pictures have set a very high bench mark for what adult Feature films should aim for.


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