Monday, 2 August 2010

Attack Girls Swim Team vs the Unliving Dead

Be in no doubt that this film is pure exploitation. Young Japanese girls parading around in school uniforms & bathing suits. And just in case you thought this was anything but. When you hit the scene with Sasa Handa in a wet bikini doing pushups with a ball-gag in her mouth! Any Uncertainty will have disappeared. The "plot" revolves around a virus that is turning all the school students not on the swim team into zombies. The aforementioned Japanese AV star Sasa Handa plays Aki, a new transfer student with a secret. Along with the swim team she sets out to take down the zombies.The Zombie Horror is really secondary to the Soft-core T&A. There are some nice moments of gore. But the budget is so low that they are more comical than shocking. Some of the camera shots are plainly outrageous and superfluous. Up-skirt shots, slow monition running and plenty of Soft-core lesbian scenes throughout. It all adds up to make this very silly, absurd and sexist. But oh so very enjoyable.


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