Sunday, 25 July 2010

Timo Rose's Beast

Another gorefest from Timo Rose. If there is one thing this guy knows it how to make the claret flow in the most spectacular way. This is an incredibly brutal werewolf film. Though due to obvious budgetary constrictions you never get to see the werewolves properly. This doesnt matter as you get some really nasty set pieces. And fantastic fight scenes. The cast are brilliant. Barricades Raine Brown and Joe Zaso return as brother and sister. Rose regular Thomas Kercmar is particularly nasty as a sadistic criminal. Brit scream queen Eileen Daly has a nice role. Gets to show of her curves as well. And some great comic relief comes in the form of a couple of Werewolf Hunters (One played by Rose) and Tanja Karius is extremely sexy with her broken English. On the whole It a fun blood-soaked werewolf film.


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