Monday, 26 July 2010

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

I'm not really sure how to review a film like this? How can I say I enjoyed this film without people thinking I'm odd? From the first time I set eyes on the trailer I just knew I had to see it. Does it live up to all the internet hype? I'm pleased to say that it does. At last an original and inventive take on the torture flick. Although the synopsis is nasty. Its gore factor is not as graphic as I was expecting. The film isn't dumbed down and comes off as intelligent. It sort of reminded me of some of Cronenbergs earlier work. Suspense is used rather than out and out horror. There is also a wonderful pitch black humour running throughout. At times the film is slow-moving and gets a little tedious. But the story is so intriguing that it doesn't matter. Dieter Laser's performance as a Doctor Frankenstein type surgeon is at times outrageously over the top. But it pays off because it works so well. The truly most frightening thing about this film is that the surgical method used is believed would work in real life. I highly recommend true horror fans fed-up with crappy remakes to see this.


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