Saturday, 24 July 2010

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

This film ticks all the classic slasher film boxes. A high body count, stupid teens, gratuitous nudity and generous helpings of over the top gore. Each year students celebrate Blood Night. The anniversary of the death of a local axe-murderer. But of course the evening soon turns to terror when one by one they are bumped off. Is it Mary back from the dead? I really enjoyed this film. It doesn't try to be clever or complex. It's just a balls out fun slasher. There are some sweet comic moments in between the gore and the added element of the ghost story leaves you wondering who or what is doing the killing. The two big names in this film, Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris do steal the show. But that's to be expected. My only slight gripe is that the party scene does drag and seems a little superfluous. But I could and will gladly watch this again and again. This is a must see for fans of old-school slashers.


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