Sunday, 25 July 2010


What first made me want to watch this was when I read that this was the World's first single continuous shot Horror film. Sadly for what seems on paper as a fresh and unique premise for a film. In reality turned out to one of the most amateurish efforts I had ever witnessed. The whole execution of this film is poor. From sound mixing to acting, everything is abysmal. This film relies heavily on dialogue. It's just a shame that the script must have been written by a first grade drama student. And to make matters worse the cast are truly appalling and can't deliver a line to save their lives. I have never been so bored watching a horror as I was watching this. Thank goodness the running time is just over an hour. (Although it did seem longer) But what really makes this terrible is the fact that the opening scene manages to make glamour girl Danielle Lloyd look like an Oscar winning actress compared to what follows. A wretched, monotonous and complete failure of a film. PLEASE AVOID


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