Saturday, 24 July 2010


Oh my god! WOW! How can a film do this to me? Its the most brutal thing I've ever viewed but somehow simultaneously its the most amazing mind blowing viewing experience I've ever had! I'm someone who has spent a life time watching every kind of horror film imaginable, Sitting through most laughing my head off. I didn't laugh once watching this. It is an extremely scary and exceptionally suspenseful. I cant quite explain what genre to put it in? Its a revenge drama. Its a ghost film. Its extreme torture gorno. It has trances of Salo and moments of Hellraiser. It is very realistic in its violence, never cartoonish like a Saw film. It's a gala of intense human suffering, malice, and malevolence that is incredibly difficult to stomach. But somehow ends up being exceedingly poetic and something very beautiful and thought provoking. Although this maybe one of the most exceptional horror films ever made. I would not dare recommend it. It is undoubtedly not for everyone. My other half watched this with me and ended up being physically sick. Not because of the films graphic gore, but because of how intense the film is. I think Martyrs is a real milestone in horror.


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