Monday, 26 July 2010

Dead Air

When Terrorist detonate chemical bombs turning people into rabid maniacs. A radio shock jock and his crew continue to broadcast. Relying on callers to inform them as to what is unfolding outside. While there is nothing new or inventive about this low-budget zombie/virus flick. It does go a long way to proving what I have known for years that Bill Moseley is a truly great actor. Portraying a "normal" person in this rather than the twisted psychos he is renowned for playing. He carries the film and makes it his own. Thats not to say that the rest of the cast don't do a good job. Patricia Tallman and David Moscow also give good performances. The zombie action is minimal and I would say that at times it feels a bit preachy for a horror flick. Lots of political and religious views throughout. But the film was directed by Corbin Bernsen so it was to be expected. That also probably sums up why at times it feels like a TV movie. Not the best zombie/virus film, but its different and entertaining so worth a watch.


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