Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pearblossom (AKA Murder World)

This film is fantastic. God, gore, guns and lesbians. What more could you ask for? Lovers Rhea and Brooke are attending a New Years Eve party in 1969. After a rather vicious and unpleasant incident occurs, the two girls flee. On the way however they have a run in with god. 40 years later the girls awake as Vampire avengers. And when the two girls reach the Murder World gas station all hell breaks loose. What follows is sexy, gory and funny. The death scenes while not very original have some quality special FX. Most of the film's humour is provided by the legend that is Charles Napier. He brings his brilliant dry wit to the character of Sherriff Tillman. The repartee between him and Danny Woodburn is hilarious. But I'm going to honest; this film is all about the talented and smoking hot Sophie Monk. No one can play a bad girl quite like her. She oozes sex but also manages to be very menacing at the same time. She gets to have the most fun in this film. And clearly shows what a fine actress she is. All in all I thought this was a nice twist on the standard lesbian vampire narrative. I can candidly say that the scene with Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri walking down the highway on a moonlit night is an image I will not soon forget. This film is not perfect by any means. and even though 80% of the action takes place in the gas station. It was just so much fun that at no point was I bored. Look out for a cameo from Halloweens Scout Taylor-Compton and for the amusing fake TV programme chicks chase chickens.


sardra said...

Great Film. Sophie Monk is a top horror actress.

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